Opening Schools Facilities Fund - Allerdale



OSF Funding used for:


Beacon Hill Community School

The creation of a project to support engagement in fitness related activities and create an orienteering offer across School provision.


Solway Community School

Investment into spinning bikes to engage groups in after school activity as well as to be utilised for community use, on an evening. Additional kit also included to create an orienteering offer and to support more students to engage in general fitness related activity. Solway and Beacon a joint academy so equipment can potentially be used across both sites.


St. Joseph’s Catholic High School

The purchasing of a large quantity of cleaning products needed to be able to make use of the fitness suite again – meaning it can be opened to students before and after school. Funding also allowed further investment to improve the quality of equipment in the gym which students could use; vital as the quality of equipment often mitigates against how limited they are in terms of space on site.


Workington Academy

Expanding provision through the purchasing of a wide range of equipment to support the delivery of fitness and parkour sessions to key stage 4 pupils. Funding also used to fund table tennis tables and additional equipment to enable delivery before, during and after school.


Phase 3


Ewanrigg Junior School

Investment has been utilised to provide equipment, storage and staff training to be able to offer boogie bounce as an offer out of school hours to enhance pupil engagement. The investment has also supported a boxercise offer, with kit and training again a key focus of the funding allocation. A small figure has been allocated to support the delivery of gymnastics through purchasing new equipment to involve more pupils within the sessions after school. In addition to all of the above, the school will also develop an orienteering offer through the mapping of the school grounds and training of staff and young leaders to be able to introduce new provision on site.


Ellenborough Academy

Balanceability learn to cycle programme, with investment covering the purchase of balance bikes, helmets, storage and additional resources to support the delivery of the programme.


Netherhall School

Funding utilised to provide additional gymnastics opportunities to pupils out of school hours through targeted investment into specific equipment to be able to deliver a more expansive gymnastics offer. In addition, funding has also supported a new trampoline and staff training to be able to widen the out of school trampolining offer for pupils, with a larger number of staff being able to deliver sessions. A small allocation of the funding supported additional HAF spaces across the summer delivery, covering the physical activity aspect.


St. Josephs Catholic High School

Funding secured to purchase trampolines, end decks and matting to enable the school to be able to expand the physical activity offer for pupils beyond school hours. Staff training also included along with investment into community coaching to ensure that this sport is embedded within the school and wider community offer. Investment has also supported the purchasing of a booking system for the sports facilities to improve the offer and maximise space and bookings, making the overall experience better for customers. Additionally, pickleball equipment has been purchased to support a new afterschool offer based on youth voice.