Tag Rugby

Cumbria U16 MLD / SLD Tag Rugby Coaching & Festival

The Cumbria Rugby Union Football Union would like to see the development of disability rugby in schools expand and it is hoped that this event will encourage more young disabled people to play and enjoy competitive rugby and be used as a catalyst for ongoing participation and development.

School Games Values: Honesty, Teamwork, Respect, Self Belief, Passion, Determination

Date: Thursday 24th June 2021, 10.00am – 2.30pm

Venue: Kendal Rugby Club, Mint Bridge, Shap Road, Kendal, Cumbria, LA9 6NY

Cancellation Policy: In the event that the festival has to be cancelled due to extreme weather conditions the event organisers will inform school teams no later than lunch time the day prior to the competition. No alternative date will be arranged.

Year Group: Year 7 to year 11 (combined) - 11 – 16 year olds, with a moderate or severe learning difficulty who are ambulant

Gender: Mixed

Team / Squad size: This coaching & festival event is for all school teams/individuals wishing to participate. All players must have a moderate or severe learning disability that are ambulant and have basic skills in tag rugby.

For the afternoon teams will consist of a minimum of 7 players on the pitch at any one time. (Teams can also have replacements, no maximum – however we may need to share players around on the day).

Players from more than one school may form an extra team if required to maximise participation.

Schools with lower numbers, come along on the day and we will support you and join up similar schools, so everyone has a participation opportunity.

Please contact Active Cumbria to find out how to get involved please contact Jackie.hayhow@cumbria.gov.uk

Clothing / equipment requirements: The festival will be held on a 3G Artificial Grass Pitch so players will be expected to wear their appropriate school PE uniform, i.e. shorts, schools polo shirt or t-shirt and suitable footwear – Studs or moulded studs – strictly no blades.

Refreshments: Lunch and refreshments will NOT be provided during the competition Please ensure your pupils bring some lunch and liquid refreshments with them.

Transport arrangements: Teams participating at this event will be asked to make their own transport arrangements to and from the venue. The Cumbria LOC agree to pay schools either the cost of the transport or mileage at a rate of 45 pence per mile to the county event. For more information regarding transport costs, please contact michelle.young@cumbria.gov.uk Parking at the venue is free for teams, volunteers and staff but you must obtain a ticket from the venue reception and clearly display it in your vehicle(s) upon arrival.

Welfare: All competing teams will receive a copy of the event welfare plan prior to the event. The plan will outline clear lines of communication for any welfare issues and provide clarification of roles, responsibilities and procedures that should be followed should an incident or accident occur.

Event Format: Teams will play on a round robin basis in pools to be confirmed on the day.

Games will last for a straight 10 minutes with no half time and start and end on the referee’s instruction. (This may be amended up/down to give suitable playing time depending on numbers participating based on RFU playing time restrictions)

Substitutions can be made at any time with the consent of the referee.

Rules: Games start with a free pass.

If the ball carrier losses a tag they must pass the ball backwards to a teammate.

After a tag is made the tagger must hand back the tag to the ball carrier. The defending side must stand on their side of the ball (closest to the line they are defending).

The ball carrier is not allowed to fend with their hand or the ball to avoid being tagged.

The defending team cannot grab clothing or hold back players in order to make a tag.

If the ball bounces forward or is passed forward it will be turned over to the other team.

Referees will play advantage where possible so remember to keep playing.

Coaches may adapt rules slightly on the day to ensure maximum opportunity for all to participate. These will be communicated to all participating teachers, helpers and players.

Scoring a try is worth 1 point. To score a try a player must carry the ball over the opponent’s Try line this doesn’t always have to be grounded.

Players are not allowed to dive over the try line. (Penalty – Free Pass to the non-offending team 5 metres out).

After a try has been scored the game restarts from the centre of the field with a free pass by the non-scoring team.

Games will be scored in the normal way (1-0, 1-3 etc.).

Pathways: There are also a number of junior clubs around Cumbria that young people can access. For more information contact Liam Nicholls on 07711 901374 or email LiamNicholls@RFU.com  

Contact details:

Facebook: Cumbria Rugby Union

Twitter: Rugby Development Officer @CumbriaRDO or Community Rugby Coaches @CumbriaCRCs

Find out more:

England Rugby’s Core Values of Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship are what makes the game special for those who enjoy the environment and culture they create. They define the game and define England Rugby. Find out more at http://englandrugby.com/my-rugby/players/core-values/   

Whats New? This event will retain its traditional format.

- Young Leaders to award points around the School Games values.

- The individual with the most value points will be awarded a certificate.

Entry Details: Via Active Cumbria