Table Tennis

Cumbria U19 Inclusive Table Tennis Festival

Table Tennis is a game of speed, spin and control, demanding the quickest reactions of any sport. However, as well as being a dynamic and athletic Olympic and Paralympic Sport, it is also a popular recreational activity played in every conceivable facility indoors and recently increasingly outdoors too.

School Games Value: Passion

•           Being positive and enjoying the event

•           Trying my best

•           Keep trying if I make a mistake


Date: Wednesday 26 May 2021, 10.30am – 1.30pm

Venue: Penrith Leisure Centre, Southend Road, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 8JH

Cancellation Policy: In the event that the competition has to be cancelled due to the extreme weather conditions the event organisers will inform the team managers no later than lunch time the day prior to the event. No alternative date will be arranged.

Year Group: Year 7 to Year 13 (Combined), 11 – 19 years old with a disability or special educational needs.

Gender: Mixed gender teams are encouraged

Team / Squad size: The competition is for the school team that is successful in their retrospective competition in their local districts.

 All players must have at least one or more of the following disabilities / impairments:

  • Wheelchair User (Manual)
  • Wheelchair User (Electric)
  • Lower Limb
  • Upper Limb
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Dwarfism
  • Blind or Partially Sighted
  • Deaf or Hard of Hearing
  • Learning Disability or Difficulty
  • Emotional or Behavioural Difficulty
  • Special Educational Needs

A team is made up of a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 6 players. (4 players plus 2 substitutes)

As a minimum requirement it is expected that all players must have the ability to take part in a basic table tennis rally. (See participant eligibility above). Players from more than one school in a district may form one district team if required.

Clothing / equipment requirements:  The competition will be held in a sports hall so participants will be expected to wear their appropriate school PE uniform, i.e. shorts, schools polo shirt or t-shirt and suitable trainers/footwear.

Refreshments: Lunch and refreshments will NOT be provided during the competition. Please ensure your pupils bring some lunch and liquid refreshments with them.

Transport arrangements: Teams participating at this event will be asked to make their own transport arrangements to and from the venue. The Cumbria LOC agree to pay schools either the cost of the transport or mileage at a rate of 45 pence per mile to the county event. For more information regarding transport costs, please contact

Welfare: All competing teams will receive a copy of the event welfare plan prior to the event. The plan will outline clear lines of communication for any welfare issues and provide clarification of roles, responsibilities and procedures that should be followed should an incident or accident occur.

Event Format: 4 v 4 Team Challenge (Singles)


  • Each team will decide before each game who is player 1 and who is player 4 (Player one being the higher ability table tennis player out of the team and player 4 being the lowest ability player)
  • Player 1 from each team will play each other and player 2 from each team will play each other and so on.
  • A coin-toss will decide who serves first, or to start play at either end of the table.
  • The player who serving in the first game receives in the next game
  • Alternate serves every 2 points.
  • In service the ball bounces on the server’s side first.
  • Each player in a game strikes the ball after it has bounced on their side of the table, to clear the net and land on the opponent’s side of the table.
  • Disabled Players may place one hand on the surface of the table during a rally after playing a shot in order to recover their position (if required)
  • A point is won/lost when a player misses the ball, the ball bounces twice, the ball does not land on the table or does not clear the net.

Please note that the order of play and number of games played may change 

Scoring: Best of three or five games to 11 points (first to 11 points) Points from all games will contribute towards the final team results.

Think Inclusively:

  • When serving to a player who uses a wheelchair the service must if it were to continue on its path, cross the end line at the receiver’s end of the table
  • Different coloured ball can be used for those players with visual impairments
  • Disabled players may place a hand on the surface of the table during a rally after playing a shot in order to recover their position.       

Pathways: There are currently many opportunities for disabled people in England to play table tennis at local, national, international and Paralympics levels. Visit

Additional information: Visit

Whats New? This event will retain its traditional format.

- Young Leaders to award points around the three objective values stated for Passion.

- The team with the most value points will be awarded certificates. 

Entry Details: Via your local School Games Organiser