Cumbria U19 Boccia 12s Competition 

Boccia is a non–contact driven sport which relies upon skill and subtlety of the player rather than their size, speed and strength. A ball can be propelled by rolling, throwing or kicking. If a player is unable to throw or kick it, they can use a ‘ramp’ (assistive device). If they are unable to release the ball with their hands players can use a head pointer. 

School Games Value: Teamwork

•           Working with my team, not being selfish

•           Letting everyone have a go, giving everyone a chance

•           Everyone doing their role for the team

Date: Wednesday 26 May 2021.  10.30am - 1.30pm

Venue: Penrith Leisure Centre,  Southend Road, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 8JH

Cancellation Policy: In the event that the competition has to be cancelled due to extreme weather conditions the event organisers will inform the team managers no later than lunch time the day prior to the event. No alternative date will be arranged. 

Year Group: Year 7 to Year 13 (Combined), 11 – 19 year olds with a disability or special educational needs.

Gender: Mixed gender teams are encouraged

Team / Squad size: The competition is for the school team that is successful in their retrospective Level 2 competitions. All players must have at least one or more of the following disabilities / impairments:

  • Learning Difficulty / Disability
  • Deaf or Hard of Hearing
  • Blind or Visually impaired
  • Physical Impairment (Ambulant)
  • Physical Impairment (Wheelchair User)
  • Emotional or Behavioural Difficulties
  • Special Educational Needs

Teams must include a minimum of 3 Players and a maximum of 6 Players per Team. (3 players plus 3 substitutes) 

 A minimum of 1 player in each team must fit within one of the four Boccia ‘Classes’. For more info visit   

Players from more than one school in a district may form one team if required.

Clothing /equipment requirements: The competition will be held in a sports hall so athletes will be expected to wear their appropriate school PE uniform, i.e. shorts, schools polo shirt or t-shirt and suitable trainers/footwear. Teams will be expected to bring their own assistive devices. If players require a ramp assistant they will be expected to bring them along to the competition.

Refreshments: Lunch and refreshments will NOT be provided during the competition. Please ensure your pupils bring some lunch and liquid refreshments with them.

Transport arrangements: Teams participating at this event will be asked to make their own transport arrangements to and from the venue. The Cumbria LOC agree to pay schools either the cost of the transport or mileage at a rate of 45 pence per mile to the county event. For more information regarding transport costs, please contact 

Welfare: All competing teams will receive a copy of the event welfare plan prior to the event. The plan will outline clear lines of communication for any welfare issues and provide clarification of roles, responsibilities and procedures that should be followed should an incident or accident occur.

Event Format: Boccia 12s (the official shortened version of Boccia). The competition will be run as a Round Robin. 


  • A game consists of two sides, the red side and the blue side.
  • Each team is made up of 3 players with two balls each.
  • The team play 6 balls per side and compete against each other over 2 ‘ends’
  • An ‘end’ is when all 13 balls (1 white Jack (target), 6 blue, 6 red) balls have been played.
  • Sport Assistants for Ramp players must be within the box and face away from the court

Before the First End

  • The team colours are decided using a coin toss; the winning captain chooses to be red or blue.

First End

  • The red side always starts the first end by propelling the jack into court. The captain chooses the player on their side to play the jack.
  • The jack ball must cross the ‘V’ line to be in play.
  • The player who propels the jack ball also plays their team’s first coloured ball. A player from the opposing side then propels their first coloured ball.
  • The side not closest to the jack must play until they either manage to get closer to the jack, or run out of balls.  
  • The side with remaining balls then propels them.
  • The end is completed when all balls from both sides have been played.
  • The end is scored by awarding one point for every ball of the same colour closer to the jack than the nearest opposing coloured ball.

Second End

  • Blue side then starts the second end.
  • After both ends have been completed the winning side is the team with the higher accumulative score from both ends.
  • If the score is equal then a tie break end is played.

Tie Break

  • In a tie break end the winner of the coin toss will choose which side plays first. The jack ball of the side that plays first will be placed on the cross for this end.
  • The end is then played as in the first and second end as above.
  • The winner of the tie break wins the game.


  • The end is scored by awarding one point for every ball of the same colour closer to the jack than the nearest opposing coloured ball. Scores from each end are added up for both teams at the end of each match. 
  • After both ends have been completed the winning side is the team with the higher accumulative score form both ends. 
  • If there has been a tie break, the score remains the same (as a draw) with the winner of the tie break and therefore the match, clearly indicated.

Think Inclusively: Boccia is completely inclusive as it is completely appropriate for young people with mobility impairments. Ramps also enable young people with severe impairments to play strategically. 

Pathways: The performance pathway for Boccia leading to the Paralympics is only open to those players who meet the criteria of the international classification for the sport.

There are four ‘Boccia Classes’ so have a look and see which one describes your ability best. There are also playing opportunities for those players who do not fit into these classifications. For more information visit   

Additional information: On the Boccia England website there are various resources available to download, to help you play or administer the game of Boccia. Visit      

Whats New? This event will retain its traditional format

- Young Leaders (with the support of the Sport lead) to award points around the three objective values stated for Teamwork.

- The team with the most value points will be awarded certificates.