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South Lakeland

The aim of this programme was To recruit volunteers to support level 1, 2 and 3 School Games events.  To work with all secondary schools in the South Lakes to find these volunteers.

The approach taken was to offer volunteer work across the South Lakes on all School Games lead up events.  This meant that volunteers were needed for Key Step Gymnastics, Sportshall Athletics, Quicksticks Hockey, High5 Netball, Tri-Golf.  Following previous efforts of working with all secondary schools the decision was taken to offer all opportunities to all schools, but to focus on one or two schools who have shown interest in the past where there are already good working relationships.  The activities on offer were team manager training, table cricket training and keys step gymnastic judge training. 

Through working with a smaller number of keen schools this has helped maintain relationships and develop them with new students.  When questioned, because the students were targeted a number of times they felt part of a team and were happy to work together on different activities.

There was a small increase in the number of volunteers participating in the training this year.  This was evidenced by the taking of registers. There has been an overall increase in the number of table cricket activities delivered because of the training and this has meant more young people have taken part in table cricket than last academic year.

A couple of quotes from leaders:

‘I didn’t really know what table cricket was before we did the training.  I really liked doing the training and learning something new.  Its great we can now help at our lunchtime club’

‘Table Cricket is really fun.  I like it because everyone can have a go at it and no one gets left out.  I am glad I did the training as I wasn’t too sure I would enjoy it’.

The volunteer recruitment was successful because of the support from the schools that were targeted.   The opportunities were always offered from the same central venue so this helped.

I think next time I would like to offer some ‘come and try’ sessions before offering the training session to try and get more people involved.