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The aim was to increase the number of schools taking part in Key Steps Gymnastics and ensure consistency across all levels.

As a pre-requisite of taking part in any level of Key Steps, all staff involved with Key Steps, including secondary staff who delivered cluster competitions, had to attend a Key Steps workshop delivered by an experienced volunteer gymnastics coach and judge.

The same volunteer also delivered the judges training and was a mentor for all the judges, supporting their training and all levels of competitions which they judged at.

The volunteer, Carol, was a gymnastics expert who provided a level of support and consistency within the competition.

With the support structure in place, schools entered the key steps competition who had not previously entered as they felt supported.

What Took Place:

  • Key Steps workshop for staff
  • Judges training for students
  • Student support throughout judging process
  • Staff support throughout competition / training process
  • On the day competition support for lead staff
  • Expert advice.

Due to the Key Steps workshop there was a greater consistency between cluster and district competitions. All questions were addressed and answered by staff at the same time and there were fewer incidences of ‘complaints’. Staff felt secure with an expert on hand to support the process.

In total 456 pupils took part in Key Steps competitions this year compared to 336 last year.

“I felt confident entering the key steps competition this year as I knew that Carol was on hand to support me if needed.”

The level of expertise and consistency that Carol provided ensured confidence in all staff involved with the competition.

The project was extremely successful and as long as Carol is available and willing I will be using her next year!