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The aim was to improve the pathway of Level 1, Level 2 through to Level 3 events for High5 Netball

Following consultation with the Penrith and District School Sport Association and a request by them to host and manage the Eden High5 Netball competitions, we agreed because:

Previously there was fragmentation with opportunity to take part in the event throughout the district, each area ran on slightly different formats / rules.  Whilst the rules were clearly distributed, they were not always endorsed which led to lots of issues when selecting a team for the Level 3 event.

There were issues around quality of young leaders umpiring the High5 Netball.

We consulted with all Secondary School colleagues and it became clear that space to host the events and sufficient young leaders to run the event were a major issue.

We organised An All England Netball High5 Workshop, to be delivered locally, at no cost to participants, as a twilight after school session.  We targeted the Secondary Schools to send young leaders and invited partner Primary Schools to send teachers / staff.  Although, we only had a ‘10’ day turn around, as we felt is was critical to hold the workshop before our cluster competitions started, we managed to attract sufficient candidates (16) to run the course.    

Due to huge numbers of schools (21 schools) taking part in the competition, we had to identify ‘4’ different locations across the district to accommodate the event, and identify sufficient volunteers to run the event.  We contacted the local Netball Club who did provide qualified volunteers, we contacted Newton Rigg College who not only provided one of the sites, they also identified ‘8’ young leaders to help run the event. 

We dramatically improved participation rates.

Very many positive comments on the day from teachers and parents about the management of the event.  One Headteacher said, ‘I knew it would be a great event when you were organising the day’.

All schools are very clear about the rules and the criteria to enable them to go through to the Partnership final, which will then select a team for the School Games Final.

Success factors include consultation with lots of partners in Eden.

Partnership working.

Making a great contact with Newton Rigg College which will hopefully grow and have mutual benefit.

We hadn’t planned for such huge numbers entering the event, so next time we will plan and have sufficient venues in place from the start.