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The Carlisle SGO looked at how utilise the young volunteers in Secondary schools, the University of Cumbria and community sports clubs to support School Games events at Level 1 and Level 2 during the 2013/14 academic year.

After being given the sports and age groups of teams that required representation from Carlisle at L3 Cumbria School Games events throughout 2014, a plan was put into place highlighting gaps in support staff and those events that need a high number of volunteers to ensure the events ran and were also high quality.

The Sportshall Athletics event had a mixture of Secondary pupils and University of Cumbria students that undertook the appropriate training provided by Sportshall and then volunteered at the L2 event. This event was also monitored by YST as part of their National monitoring programme. Students were interviewed and data collected via i pads. The Level 2 event was also supported by 2 TR’s, which ensured that the event ran smoothly and students knew who to ask for guidance/help if required.

The Gymnastics event had 14 year olds and above, undertake the training. They all had some background or knowledge of Gymnastics. These students were then supported by existing judges that have undertaken the course in previous years and mentored the new judges through the Level 1 and Level 2 events.

Each Level 2 event has a community club invited to the event, so far this academic year Carlisle Aspatria AC attended the Sportshall Athletics event and Carlisle Gymnastics Club attended the Gymnastics event. (The same is planned for High 5 Netball, Quicksticks Hockey, Orienteering, Tri Golf and Mini Tennis events).

Secondary Schools have been approached to support specific events, eg. Each Secondary school will provide officials for the Orienteering League and undertake training that is designed for our events in the league. The students will be HSL/older students due to the nature of the events. (eg. H&S of sites used, some being public parks).

The Mini Tennis however, is open to 14 year olds + and we will be following the NGB course.

Working with club volunteers and using them as mentors worked well in the Athletics and Gymnastics events.