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The aim of this project was to develop and establish a competition programme/event for Special School/SEN young people.

 Secondary schools provide Intra (Level 1) for pupils with disabilities and learning difficulties within the curriculum but wanted to provide additional competitive activities using trained Young Leaders with links to the Learning Support and PE departments.

 We arranged meetings with representatives from Learning Support depts. to ascertain need, supply and demand and availability. Three of the pupils who were trained as YL`s were then videoed at the event while acting in an official capacity. The evidence was then used as part of their official GCSE course assessment.

 16 Young Leaders were trained in Boccia with an accredited tutor and were involved in officiating duties at both Level 1, 2 and 3 competitions.  

41 Young people participated at the official Level 2 event from 6 competing Secondary Schools.

2 Teams will represent their borough at the Level 3 Games. The winning team will be one of eleven teams representing the district of Allerdale who will attend the 2014 School Games.

Quote “Miss can we extra practice for the final”. This resulted in an extra twelve sessions of additional practice for the team and young officials.

 15 young people continue to attend the after school club.

Successful partnership working enabled all schools with pupils with special needs to engage in appropriate competitive activity. It required working with different staff teams to ensure the day/event ran smoothly, within the time scale at the venue. Excellent communication was maintained throughout both prior and after the event.