Healthy Schools Rating Scheme

The Healthy Schools Rating Scheme is a voluntary scheme for schools that recognises and encourages their contribution to supporting pupils’ health and wellbeing.

Schools will be able to determine how well they are promoting healthy eating and physical activity by completing a self-assessment and receiving a rating based on their answers.

They will receive an award for their performance, and information on how they might improve their healthy living policies.

Schools can use the award to show parents how they have performed.

The Healthy Schools Rating forms part of the Active Lives Children and Young People's survey and is based on 4 critera:

  1.  Food Education
  2. School Food Standards
  3. Time spent on Physical Education in School
  4. Active Travel

These are answered in the survey completed by the teacher.  For more information about the Healthy Schools Rating scheme and the scoring methodology you can read more on the Government's website.