Projects Funded in Carlisle

Organisation: Age UK Carlisle and Eden

Project Title: Rollator scheme

Funding Received: £38,577 (September 2023 – September 2024)

Project Outline: The aim of this project is to, through a rollator loan scheme, support 150 older adults to develop the skills and confidence needed to increase their mobility around their homes before progressing to active travel outside of their homes.

Organisation: Rebike Cumbria CIC

Project Title: Check, Fix, and Go Workshops

Funding Received: £23,499 (October 2023 - March 2025)

Project Outline:  Rebike have had a further 2 awards granted.

Bike Mechanic Training. Rebike will use their grant to put two members of their staff through Cytech Level 2 bike maintenance training. They will use their new skills to support people to travel actively.

Check Fix and Go – Phase 1. Rebike will revitalise and relaunch their weekly repair workshop.

Check Fix and Go – Phase 2. Rebike will run a ‘Check, Fix, and Go’ roadshow where they will take their workshop into local communities.

Both projects provide opportunities for our target audiences to take their bikes to be assessed and, where possible, repaired. Where a repair is not the customer will be signposted to a bike specialist and given a voucher to cover repair costs. 

Yewdale Nursery Logo

Organisation: Yewdale Nursery - Yewdale Community Foundation 

Project Title: Get 'Wheelie' Active 

Funding Received: £8,454 (1 May 2024 - 31 March 2025)

Project Outline: To buy new bikes and helmets to loan to families who use the nursery both in term time and for weekends and holidays. This scheme will encourage and provide opportunities for young people and their families to travel actively for everyday journeys such as getting to nursey.

Carlisle Sight Support Logo

Organisation: Carlisle Society For The Blind

Project Title: Accessible Walking Groups

Funding Received: £2,780 (Mach 2024 - November 2024) 

Project Outline:  This funding will be used to develop a regular walking group for people with sight loss and visual impairments in Carlisle. The walks will build the confidence and skills of participants, so they feel able to travel independently for everyday tasks such as shopping, visits to the G.P. post office or library.

Hiking Household Logo

Organisation: The Hiking Household

Project Title:  Active Travel Maps - Making everyday journeys more active.

Funding Received: £4,420 (April - October 2024)

Project Outline: The Hiking Household will produce 4 maps within the Carlisle Locality with each showing a range of routes as well as offering relevant tips and information. The maps will enable, support and encourage people to travel actively for their everyday journeys such as to work, to school, to the shops and visiting health centres/hospitals. Maps will be available at local community centres and other public places such as Carlisle Library. 

Cumbria Refugee Action Group Logo

Organisation: Cumbria Refugee Action Group (CRAG)

Project Title: Provision of bikes, accessories and skills to refugees and people seeking asylum in Carlisle

Funding Received: £8,722 (May 2024 - February 2025)

Project Outline: Cumbria Refugee Action Group will purchase up to 35 bikes from local, social enterprise, plus helmets and locks, for the use of refugee and asylum-seeking men and women based in Carlisle. Having access to a bike will allow them to travel to local or city centre shops for shopping, to attend appointments with doctors or dentists, formal and informal classes and advice sessions. Having an independent means of travel will increase their chances of securing volunteering roles and ultimately work in the future.