Street Tag

Street Tag.  The go-to App for fun and getting everyone in Cumbria physically active.

Following a successful two-year schools programme, Street Tag has expanded to allow workplaces, community organisations, sports clubs, and individual families to create teams for free. 

Street Tag is a free mobile app that incentivises you and your team to be physically active every day.  Points are gained by actively travelling to and from places, in addition to scanning virtual tags that have been scattered throughout your local area. Tags can be found on the route to school, in local parks, at local events, near your local shops, and en-route to work - more or less anywhere and everywhere making it really easy to join in the fun! 

Teams will compete on a leader board to see who can get the highest average score.  Tags can be added to your favourite walking, cycling, running or rolling routes, so you get points whenever you're out and about.

There will be two leader boards in Cumbria, one for Cumberland and one for Westmorland and Furness.  

Three competitions will take place throughout 2024:

Season1: 3 January to 13 March 2024

Season 2: 17 April to 26 June 2024

Season 3: 4 September to 13 November 2024 

Prizes for seasons 2 and 3 will include a trophy for the top three teams on each leader board plus, the champions will win a tailored physical activity experience! Schools, this will be in the form of a Scooter Experience Day for your whole school. For our workplace and community organisation teams we will work with you to decide something physically active that your Street Tag players can all do together.

We are now seeking team captains from workplaces, community groups, sports clubs and families to help drive Street Tag forward. 

Interested to know more?  Find out all you need to know about creating a team and being a Team Captain here

For more information or help please contact: 

Oliver Carswell, Development Officer and Street Tag Programme Lead

M: 07747 756948