Project Title: Activate at Eden Youth Hub

Funding Received: £1898 (Phase 4: 1 April 2022 - 31 March 2023)

Project Outline: The service users of Penrith Youth Hub at Eden Rural Foyer are experiencing barriers to physical activity that are heavily revolved around confidence and anxiety, this makes them unable to face attending any public activity centres such as gyms as they find such environments very difficult. The service users struggle to communicate confidently with others and would be unable to access the correct people to provide guidance.

The Youth Hub is a ‘safe place’ where the service users feel comfortable and able to engage. Locating the activity in the Youth Hub allows staff members from different service providers such as Inspira, DWP and Eden Rural Foyer to attend and receive coaching at the sessions, improving the sustainability of the project and widening its impact.

The aim of the project is to improve the lives of each user through the inclusion of physical activity, to build the confidence of each individual while helping them to be able to interact with others and step back into the social world. The project is designed to give them some skills and tools to help improve their mental health and well-being while also introducing a small structure of routine.

Trusted provider Garry Holmes from Home Grown Sports Development will attend Penrith Youth Hub at Eden Rural Foyer to deliver Active Cumbria’s Activate Programme. He will provide 12 sessions of both activity delivery and coaching to enable both the service users and staff (Inspira, DWP and Eden Rural Foyer) to participate in activities and tasks as well as develop their understanding of how to plan, risk assess, deliver and evaluate their own activities. The young people and staff will be provided with a set of equipment to keep for the duration of this project and beyond as well as guided as to other equipment they may wish to use and household alternatives to these. They will have access to resources such as activity cards as well as on-line resources to allow them to maintain their interest and activity levels, as well as post-project visits and support from Garry and Active Cumbria.