Wheels for All

Wheels for All

Funding Received: £3,133 (Phase 2: 1 August 20 - 31 March 21)

Project Outline: The Wheels for All initiative supports children and adults with disabilities to engage in cycling activity through the use of adapted cycles supported by Wheels for All trained leaders.

As a result of the pandemic they were unable to deliver their inclusive cycle services and had recognised the impact this was having upon their regular participants. Many were feeling anxious and had lost their motivation to take part in activity.

The Kendal Wheels for All centre was keen to build confidence once more and support participants to get out and about and resume their activities whilst ensuring this was all done safely.

Funding through the Tackling Inequalities Fund enabled the group to kick start their activity with the emphasis upon reconnecting their members with their communities. Funding concentrated upon preparing the Wheels for All hub ensuring it was Covid secure and developing a new delivery package including training for volunteers and new booking systems.

Members were supported to cycle from their own doorsteps through the loan of bikes to build their confidence and prepare them to return to group activities once they resumed. Wheels for All are keen to apply the principles they have learned moving forward and work with their service users to shape their plans moving forward.