Women Out West

Due to the nature of some of their members physical activity hasn’t been a major motivation within their current lifestyles. However, the pressures of isolation during the COVID pandemic has had an increasing detrimental effect on their physical and mental health.

Members were consulted with regards to their wants, needs and motivations to undertake a programme of physical activity. Consensus favoured a health/ weight management project using physical activity alongside theoretical support.

This project intends to deliver sessions of physical activity and psychological education targeted at reducing weight which is based around wellbeing, routine and nutrition. The sessions will be run over a course of 12 weeks. The sessions will be held in small groups of 12 women.

Each session will be accompanied with a workbook and an exercise log with the intention that participants receive a wellbeing tool kit with practical advice to undertake individual physical activity and control their weight away from the sessions.

One to one sessions will be provided for the most vulnerable members, following a similar process individually tailored.


Staffing, Facility Hire, Workbooks

Total: £2598


Due to issues around COVID lockdown 2 and 3, activity will be started in spring 2021 when restrictions begin to lift.