Wath Brow Hornets Fitness Suite

The project was to purchase some small personal use equipment which is suitable for low impact use with those people with disabilities and LTHC’s, who are new and/ or returning to activity. The fund would also support furloughed staff to return and provide classes for the “Better Me” - Lifestyle Changers project.

WBH have ran a Lifestyle Change Project before, this was aimed at an inactive audience, customers mainly came from our older community with several living with LTHC’s, it was a huge success.

During COVID pandemic WBH delivered sessions online, these proved successful.  They would look to transition some of our online customers into outdoor face to face sessions. Something to get them interacting with others and generally something to lift their mood, we believe that a Lifestyle Changers group would be beneficial to a wide spectrum of the community.

All staff were furloughed the funding would bring some back to work part time, funding also allowed the group to provide daily variety for weekly Lifestyle Changers classes.


Staffing to organise and deliver sessions. Individual equipment, barbells and Resistance Rolls

Total: £3919.99