Millom ICC

The town of Millom was a target area before COVID, due to high depravation, and prevalence of LTHCs.

During the COVID Emergency work the ICC Care Coordinators observed that those with multiple comorbidities experienced additional problems where activity has hugely decreased, and isolation increased due to age or illness and increased social anxiety linked to their health conditions.

From the surgeries insight they are able to target those most at risk with multiple comorbidities. Interrogation of our insight showed that Asthma, COPD, Diabetes and Hypertension are prevalent in the surgeries footprint.

3 individuals with all 4 Comorbidities

There are the following individuals with a mix of 3 comorbidities

17 with Asthma, COPD & Hypertension

10 with Asthma, COPD & Diabetes

40 with Asthma, Diabetes & Hypertension

20 with Diabetes, COPD & Hypertension

The surgery would initially develop more provision around “at home” engagement to begin with, and once these people engaged, they would develop the trust to eventually get them out of the house, walking. Then linking them into other local groups supported by other local third sector and community providers and agencies.

They have purchased 30 sets of individual equipment, which would be loaned to each individual / household for 1 month. They would develop activity challenge sheets to utilise the equipment to develop a step by step guide from easy chair exercise into more active challenges. They also included a pedometer to start steps challenges within the home, utilising the stairs and eventually out into the community, as well as a Pulse Oximeter to help identify improvements and also flag up any health issues.


Staffing, links with local fitness providers for session development and planning. Activity Equipment for 30 households, pedometers and oximeters

Total: £2990


Due to issues around COVID lockdown 2 and 3, activity will be started in spring 2021 when restrictions begin to lift.