Around the Combe

Around the Combe Health and Wellbeing Alliance was created to support the people in 13 areas around Black Combe which is in the South of Copeland.

They work with the NHS, CBC, CCC, Millom ICC, and all health and well-being groups, teams and 3rd sector organisations.

They reach 11000 people through their community magazine. They also have 19 social media pages on FB, Instagram and Twitter. Through their publication and social media, they believe they reach every household within their area.

During COVID Emergency support work they experienced additional problems where there is a huge increase in people being told to isolate due to age or illness who were then struggling mentally to come outdoors.

They wanted to develop more provision around virtual engagement and develop more relationships and trust to work on other projects once COVID restrictions eased.

They created a collage of Videos, adverts and info posts on easy exercise with a step by step guide from easy chair exercise to 5k jogging. They targeted people of all ages and abilities to link into the sessions. They worked with Millom Recreation Centre plus other local health and wellbeing coaches. They streamed daily fitness regimes, on their main Facebook page which could potentially reach 8000 local people. The live routines allowed people to do them from the comfort of their own home with no one watching.


Staffing for delivery, development & planning of sessions. Training Costs for staff online training for various social media platforms. Staff time to support customers engage with live sessions and various social media platforms. Rent/Facility Hire

Total: £2100