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Carlisle Projects

Multicultural Cumbria

Funding Received: £4009.65 (Phase 1: 1 May 20 - 31 October 20)

Project Outline: Online delivery of blocks of dance sessions for women who are cultually and ethivally diverse, predominately in Carlisle. A virtual continuation of the Dance Around the World Carousel that had to be stopped when the pandemic arrived.

ICan Fitness

Funding Received: £6300 (Phase 2: 1 August 20 - 31 March 21)

Project Outline: 4 blocks of outreach delivery (12 weeks) to different settings.

Carlisle Mencap

Funding Received: £6000 (Phase 1: 1 May 20 - 31 October 20)

Project Outline: Creation of online exercises videos specifically targetting those with learning disabilities.


Funding Received: £3347 (Phase 1: 1 May 20 - 31 October 20)

Project Outline: Exercise at Home - Twice weekly FB live sessions for service users over a 16 week period. Also provided each participant with a basic equipment pack. Read more

Women's PANAH Project

Funding Received: £5715.40 (Phase 3: 1 April 21 - 31 March 22)

Project Outline: A six month programme of activities for Refugee and Asylum Seeking women.

Activities have been chosen to support the well-being of these women and will help to improve ongoing physical, mental and emotional well being by allowing women to develop skills and practices that they can apply to their own lives. Read more

iCan Health and Fitness CIC 

Funding Received: £7040 (Phase 4: 1 April 22 - 31 March 23)

Project Outline: iCan are facilitating a pilot project to engage and inspire Carlisle residents living in care homes or residential settings to take control and responsibility for their own health and physical activity. It is with sustainability incorporated from the outset that this project has been designed and beneficiaries will be encouraged to keep the sessions going without an instructor after the 4 month pilot period. Read more

Botcherby Community Association 

Project Title: Healthy U

Funding Received: £4260 (Phase 4: 1 April 2022 - 31 March 2023)

Project Outline: Following a six month pilot project, Botcherby Community Centre applied for funding to support their new Healthy U Project in our Community Gym. Read more

Laurie Brewis Trust – Heathlands

Funding Received: £5460 (Phase 4: 1 April 2022 - 31 March 2023)

Project Outline: Exercise at Home (a bespoke standing aerobic exercise session) has been remarkably popular averaging 90 engagements on each live Facebook performance. However, recently the LBT have discovered that making online exercise sessions with visually spectacular interactive graphics included has made for much higher viewing figures from our demographic. Read more