The Triple A Project (All About Autism)

The Triple A Project (All About Autism) provides a local pathway of support for autistic adults focusing upon social support, criminal and social justice alongside health & well-being.

During Covid, the majority of members became isolated and anxious due to their Autism and were unable to motivate themselves to remain active. Anxiety remains and some still don’t want to leave their homes.

In order to address this, Emma worked with the group to help create ‘Positive Pals Active’ - an exercise program for members (90 in total across Cumbria). 

Sessions are delivered online by local PT Martin Ostler and he is upskilling the Triple A support staff to also deliver. In addition to this and prior to lockdown, sessions were also held at Walney Community Centre. By delivering the sessions both online and in-person, it enabled those that are confident to leave the house to take part in physical activity socially however, for those that are less confident they can take part from their own homes.