Furness Multi-Cultural Youth Group

The TIF funding was used to create Physical Activity & Mental Health Resource Packs containing sport challenges and arts & crafts, followed up with Zoom tutorials, increased contact and doorstop checks for all their young people. 

Feedback from Janine, Youth Worker;

‘The activity packs had two main aims.

1. To give young people something to focus on during the pandemic

2. Gave me the opportunity to see young people face to face. This allowed for me to pick up on any issues, welfare concerns and offer other support such as food packages and information.

The funding allowed for us to provide everything needed for each activity so that parents were not having to purchase any additional resources.

Skipping rope packs, tennis balloon packs and juggling packs allowed for young people to learn a new skill and involve the whole family if they choose to. Young people gave positive feedback and said it was good to still be able to learn new things, and that games were fun.

The seeds and germination project were planned in a way that we were able to relate it to looking after our health, the young people really enjoyed this, and it has become quite a long-lasting project of bean growing!!

We had a pebble painting session in which we discussed what is important to us, young people painted their answers onto pebbles, and we had things such as school, sports and self-care.

As we were able to start face to face delivery over the summer the funding allowed for us to purchase some basic sports equipment and games. We held a family multi sports in the park, this was hugely welcomed, and everyone had a great time, it was lovely to see all people from different backgrounds, ethnicities and ages enjoying sports together.

I purchased a rounders set and arranged a game of rounders for young people and parents, some of the young people had never played and they really enjoyed it, I found it hard to get them to go home!!

We were able to meet the target audience and we also had some new young people join us; youth club is now made up of predominantly BAME young people.’