Barrow Projects

Love Barrow Families Big Fish Project

Funding received: £3983.99 (Phase 1: 1 May 20 - 31 October 20)

Project Outline: Love Barrow Families (LBF) had found that requests for fishing has grown significantly especially from those marginalised individuals/families on low incomes.

When COVID hit and families were struggling, this became the ideal time to create a project which enables people to be outside, active, learning new skills and spending time together as a family.  Read More 

Cando FM Wicked Workouts

Funding received: £5000 (Phase 1: 1 May 20 - 31 October 20)

Project outline: Working with local fitness instructors and coaches, Cando FM created a series of inclusive exercise routines, in a “Joe Wicks” style, all filmed throughout the borough. The content was broadcast in audio format on the CANDO radio with simultaneous video & audio across social media platforms. Read More 

Women's Community Matters Sport Kit Boxes

Funding received: £5041 (Phase 1: 1 May 20 - 31 October 20)

Project outline: This is a legacy project that plants the seeds for an active and healthier future for all families working with Womens Community Matters. Read More

Walney Regeneration Trust / Spring Mount Church Summer Programme

Funding received: £3500 (Phase 1: 1 May 20 - 31 October 20)

Project outline: TIF funding was used to create a weekly online physical activity group.  This allowed young people to see one another and could engage with the youth workers from their own home. Read More 

DropZone Youth Projects Outreach

Funding received: £3519 (Phase 1: 1 May 20 - 31 October 20)

Project outline: In addition to their regular programmes, Dropzone received TIF to deliver a detached physical activity project across the most deprived localities in the borough. Read More 

Furness Multi-Cultural Forum Youth Club Active at Home Packs

Funding received- £500 (Phase 1: 1 May 20 - 31 October 20)

Project outline: The TIF funding was used to create Physical Activity & Mental Health Resource Packs containing sport challenges and arts & crafts, followed up with Zoom tutorials, increased contact and doorstop checks for all their young peopleRead More 

Triple A Project Online Workouts

Funding received: £3194 (Phase 3: 1 April 21 - 31 March 22)

Project outline: The Triple A Project (All About Autism) provides a local pathway of support for autistic adults focusing upon social support, criminal and social justice alongside health & well-being. Read More

Barrow Men’s Group Strength & Conditioning Classes

Funding received:- £1775.16 (Phase 2: 1 August 20 - 31 March 21)

12 week programme of strengthening and conditioning activities, led by a personal trainer who is understanding of mental health.
1:2:1 sessions to assess functional movement along with nutrition sessions and home packs to continue activities in their home environment.

Barrow Island Community Sports Trust Ltd 'Your Health, Your Wealth'

Funding received: £1390 (Phase 2: 1 August 20 - 31 March 21)

Working a local physical activity instructor to deliver a FREE 12-week physical activity programme to people with underlying health conditions in a positive and social setting at Cav Park on Barrow Island (the BIG Local).

Supported by Barrow ICC, district nurses, community physios to signpost local residents to take part.
Progress will be monitored and upon completion, attendees will then be signposted and invited to take part in activities at Cav Park and other local opportunities where appropriate.

Listen to our very own Emma Broadbent talk about the project here.

Age UK Barrow & District 'Active at Home'

Funding received: £2862 (Phase 2: 1 August 20 - 31 March 21)

The project consists of online Yoga and Otago classes for house bound and shielding older adults. This is also tying in with the Age UK digital project, service users receive an iPad with built in sim card and can access the online programme with support.
Otago is a series of 17 strength and balance exercises that reduces falls between 35 and 40% for frail older adults.

Islanders Dance Troupe (loss of income)

Funding received: £935 (Phase 2: 1 August 20 - 31 March 21)

Project outline: Islanders Dance Troupe support young people living within areas of deprivation in Barrow district including Walney and Barrow Island offering subsided Dance lessons for low income families. Read More 

Age UK Barrow and District 

Funding received: £4866.00 (Phase 4: 1 April 22 - 31 March 23)

Project outline: The project will target older adults with long-term health conditions and/or from lower socioeconomic groups.

The funding will be used to employ a Support Worker for six months to work with older adults to overcome barriers to participation such as, confidence and motivation, the impact of exercise on their health condition, fear of injury, cost, cognitive decline and isolation. In addition to introducing them to existing sport and physical activities, with the aim of ensuring ongoing engagement in activities beyond the life of the project. We want to target Central and Hindpool wards in Barrow, where we already provide 7 physical activity sessions every week, to increase the uptake of these activities. Read More 

Youthability Youth Services

Funding received: £2901 (Phase 4: 1 April 2022 - 31 March 23)

Project outline: Youthability Youth Services aims to provide a variety of services for young people with disabilities or who are socially isolated. Our aim is to work with these individuals over a long period of time to assist their social and emotional development on their journey to adulthood.  Read More 

Barrow Forward Ltd

Funding received: £5693 (Phase 4: 1 April 2022 - 31 March 2023)

Project outline: To provide ‘Time Limited’ Leisure Memberships at the local authority operated leisure centre in Barrow-in-Furness so that a designated number of Care Leavers and identified Children Looked After (CLA) and their associated Carer/Accompanied Guest can access leisure facilities, activities and events for free.  Read More