Wigton Baths Trust

Wigton Baths Trust reached out to engage two key audiences one from the disability sector and those members who were previously shielding who have yet to return to the baths due to a lack of confidence.

They were able to offer a secure disability focussed session to engage the service users from Chrysalis who have a delivery centre based in Wigton offering bespoke Swimming and wat       er-based fitness sessions. Although, due to introduction of additional restrictions in November 2020 and then again in January 2021 these sessions the delivery of these sessions was halted, and they have also been unable to incentivise and encourage back previous members with long-term health conditions. However as and when restrictions ease again, they are looking to provide a splash dance fitness class for the elderly members with long-term health conditions in small socially distanced classes to reengage them in physical activity.

There has been really positive feedback regarding the flexibility of the project, especially given all the restrictions that have been put in place. Having loose stipulations on targets has helped ensure additional pressure was not added to ongoing financial strains.