South Workington Youth Project

This has resulted in South Workington Youth Partnership wanting to engage service users in more physical activity and basic movement activities. This funding will be utilised to invest in more equipment to support basic movement and physical activity to be able to engage the disability members in a variety of activities. On consultation, service users highlighted several small activities that would encourage involvement including new age kurling, boccia and sensory games.  

In addition, prior to Covid-19 the group did a lot of walking and outdoor activities and were very keen to get some support in getting this up and running again. It was always an offer during the better weather but across Autumn and Winter it was always limited due to the lack of suitable kit and equipment to allow this to take place. Service users thoroughly enjoyed getting out in the fresh air and heading out in the minibus prior to Covid-19 and this additional investment into suitable waterproof kit will allow the service users to become involved in positive physical activity all year round.

As a centre being run on an extremely tight budget, the opportunity to enhance provision through this investment into equipment will ensure that activities continue to run beyond the initial length of the project. This funding will enable physical activity to be delivered as part of current provision and to support the re-introduction, an additional staffing presence will be integrated into two sessions a week to allow for extra support to assist service users with the adaptation to routine and introduction of new concepts and activities.