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Allerdale Projects

Together We

Project Title: Virtual Provision and Centre Running Costs

Funding Received: £1340 (Phase 1:1 May 20 - 31 October 20). £5194 (Phase 2: 1 August 20 - 31 March 21), £4464 (Phase 3: 1 April 21 - 31 March 22) 

Project Outline: The Tackling Inequalities funding was to purchase equipment to allow TogetherWe to deliver quality online content to continue to engage members and a wider audience in physical activity during Covid-19. Read more.


Project Title: Empowering Communities

Funding Received: £2100 (Phase 2: 1 Aug 20 - 31 March 21). £3200 (Phase 4: 1 April 22 - 31 March 23)

Project Outline: Through liaison with the West Cumbria Refugee Society and local residents it was highlighted that there was a need to work with and empower communities within West Cumbria including Syrian refugees. Read more.

Wigton Baths Trust

Project Title: Bespoke Swimming and Water-Based Sessions

Funding Received: £2900 (Phase 2: 1 Aug 20 - 31 March 21)

Project Outline: Wigton Baths Trust had sufficient reserves to last until December 2020 however this was dependent on usage of the facility which at the time of application was around 30% of what was seen pre the Covid 19 outbreak which meant that the monthly income was significantly reduced. Read more.

Cumbria Youth Alliance

Project Title: Fit and Fed Programme

Funding Received: £5860 (Phase 1: 1 May 20 - 31 October 20)

Project Outline: Recognising need across the Allerdale, Barrow and Carlisle and to offer support to local youth providers, CYA designed a fit and fed programme to support local outreach work with young people as restrictions allowed. Read more.


Project Title: Hygiene Supplies and Centre Running Costs

Funding Received: £5889 ( Phase 1: 1 May 20 - 31 October 20) & £8290 (Phase 2: 1 August 20 - 31 March 21) 

Project Outline: The tackling inequalities funding was utilised to cover the extensive expenses towards cleaning products and signage to ensure that all facilities were Covid safe to allow for the return of clients. Read more.

Allerdale Disability Association

Project Title: Get Back Moving

Funding Received: £1634 (Phase 3: 1 April 21 - 31 March 22)

Project Outline: As a result of Covid-19, numerous lockdowns and many of their service users shielding they have been able to engage in very little, to no physical activity which has resulted in deconditioning. To combat the negative impact and to engage service users in positive activity and movement to assist with basic strength and mobility, they consulted with all members to find out what activities they would like to get involved in to build physical activity into their daily routine. Read more.

Studio Nine Dance & Fitness centre

Project Title: Running costs

Funding Received: £4778.40 (Phase 3: 1 April 21 - 31 March 22)

Project Outline: 

The Covid 19 pandemic has significantly impacted on the delivery at Studio Nine, with the numerous lockdowns not allowing for face-to-face delivery for an extended period of time and then only being able to offer sessions on a reduced capacity when able to re-open in April 2021. Session capacity had to drop by around 40% in return to face-to-face delivery which has had a major impact on finances as staffing numbers have needed to remain as if classes were at full capacity. This funding will be utilised to get the organisation back on track as restrictions continue to be eased, contributing towards overheads, staffing costs and facility hire. 

This fund will aid organisation survival and allow them to continue to deliver sessions whilst allowing scope to build the membership base and reach out to new audiences. This will be done through the exploration of new ways of working and consultation with clients to adapt the service to meet their needs.

Without this funding Studio Nine would have to scale back significantly on what sessions can be delivered.

South Workington Youth Partnership

Project Tile: Integrating Physical Activity

Funding Received: £3364 (Phase 3: 1 April 21 - 31 March 22)

Project Outline: The numerous lockdowns and the extended period of time without face-to-face activities, resulted in many of the service users returning significantly deconditioned. Coupled with this, on return many struggled with basic day to day tasks, highlighting spatial awareness and basic mobility issues as the majority have been sat at home and not able to go out due to being highly vulnerable. Read more.

West Cumbria Canoe Club

Project Tile: Engaging New Groups

Funding Received: £4413.84 (Phase 3: 1 April 21 - 31 March 22)

Project Outline: Returning to play following Covid-19 restrictions has seen an increased number of people, specifically families and children and young people willing to engage with West Cumbria Canoe Club and have a go at canoeing and kayaking. Although, having only a very limited amount of youth/female buoyancy aids has meant that unless they come along with their own, they have been restricted in terms of engagement.  Read more.

Aspatria DreamScheme

Project Tile: Butterfly Club - Swimming Sessions 

Funding Received: £3402.00 (Phase 4: 1 April 22 - 31 March 23)

Project Outline: Following Covid-19 there had been a great demand locally to restart the Butterfly Club, which supports local women aged between 40 and 70 in Aspatria. The club is primarily for women who suffer with either their mental or physical health, have become socially isolated following the pandemic, or who are not able to engage with other groups/activities due to the financial implications of doing so. Read more.

Wigton ABC

Project Tile: Wigton ABC - Organisational Support 

Funding Received: £5564.00 (Phase 4: 1 April 22 - 31 March 23)

Project Outline: Wigton Amateur Boxing Club has seen reduced numbers accessing the provision in comparison to pre-covid times which has had detrimental effects to the financial situation with the club operating on a pay as you train basis. This has left the organisation with a significant monthly deficit, which if it had not been addressed quickly would have caused the club to shut down, losing a much-needed community hub and service. Read more.