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ParkPlay Cumbria

What is ParkPlay?

ParkPlay is a new Sport England-backed charity which offers free, fun games and activities in local parks and green spaces every Saturday morning in Cumbria.

ParkPlay brings together people of all ages and abilities to have fun together, with free games and activities ranging from football and dodgeball, to tag and frisbee. Sessions are tailored by PlayLeaders and vary from park to park, with anyone from the local community welcome to attend. No experience or skills are needed, and all equipment is provided.

Where is ParkPlay in Cumbria?
PlarkPlay sessions currently take place in the following locations across Cumbria:  Sessions start at 9.30am unless otherwise stated.

ParkPlay Askam is played at The Lots

ParkPlay Barrow is at Sacred Heart Community Hub (11am) - currently on hold 

ParkPlay Millom (10am)

ParkPlay Hammonds Pond (Carlisle) (10am) - currently on hold

ParkPlay Aspatria 

ParkPlay Wigton

ParkPlay Ulverston (10am)

ParkPlay Whitehaven

How to get involved.

You can sign up by heading to the ParkPlay website,, click the green button at the top of the page that says ‘Register’ - it’s easy to do and takes less than 5 minutes.

Everybody who comes to ParkPlay should register ahead of their first session. Attendees will then be able to quickly sign in on arrival, and get playing straight away. Adults can register on behalf of children, and under 14s should always be accompanied.

Who organises the sessions in Cumbria?

All ParkPlay sessions are led by local PlayLeaders, who organise the games and activities each Saturday morning. Sessions are guided by what the group enjoys, so differ from location to location week to week. Activities range from tag, to rounders to football, so there’s something for everyone.

The regional PlayLeader for Cumbria is Laura Leigh, who is a paediatric nurse by profession. Laura has loved fitness all her life having hosted various fitness classes in the past. She is now spreading the word about ParkPlay in Cumbria and helping to recruit new PlayLeaders in the area.

How do people become PlayLeaders in Cumbria?

There is no experience or qualifications required to become a PlayLeader, just passion to inspire people to play. 

Those interested in becoming a PlayLeader in Cumbria, which is a paid, part-time role, can get in touch via the ParkPlay website - for more details. Applications can also be sent via email to, or to ParkPlay will respond to all enquiries.

How do people show interest in ParkPlay in other parks in Cumbria?

ParkPlay is always looking to expand to other locations, just register your interest on the website at ‘Where do you want to play’.

ParkPlay Cumbria

Currently you'll find ParkPlay at

Askam (The Lots)

Barrow,  (on hold)

Millom , 

Hammonds Pond (Carlisle) , (on hold)



Ulverston and Whitehaven 

How to register

Registration is easy.  Sign up via the ParkPlay website.  Everyone should register ahead of their first session. 

Find your local ParkPlay on Facebook.

ParkPlay Askam  

ParkPlay Barrow 

ParkPlay Millom

ParkPlay Hammonds Pond

ParkPlay Aspatria

ParkPlay Wigton

ParkPlay Ulverston

ParkPlay Whitehaven

Coming Soon!

ParkPlay will soon be launching in:

Heysham Park (Carlisle)



Kendal (Sandylands)

Interested in becoming a PlayLeader?

ParkPlay is looking to expand to other locations in Cumbria.  Contact Laura Leigh - the regional PlayLeader for Cumbria for more information.

Click Here- PlayLeader Recruitment Information.