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Support continues to grow for women coaches

November 14, 2016

Active Cumbria has joined scores of other organisations in backing Sports Coach UK’s Reach campaign by welcoming more women into coaching and support existing coaches to inspire their communities and help to get the nation active.

Reach was created by Sports Coach UK to ensure women across the UK are welcomed and supported in coaching. Currently only 30% of coaches in the UK are women: The national campaign is supported by Active Cumbria as we recognise the value equality in our coaching workforce will bring to people across Cumbria. 

Since its launch in October last year, Reach has seen 120 different organisations signing up to back the campaign. These organisations include County Sports Partnerships, governing bodies of sport, universities and colleges as well as local sports clubs and physical activity groups.

Partners of Reach are getting involved in a variety of ways to welcome and support more women to recognise their existing skills and use them to help get more people active. As people continue to recognise the health and social benefits that being physically active brings, the Reach campaign continues to advocate better support for more women to become a coach and stay coaching.

Mark Gannon, Chief Executive Officer at Sports Coach UK, said: 

“We recognise that there are women out there who want to coach, but currently don’t get involved for many different reasons. Coaching isn’t all about technical knowledge – it’s about engaging with people and motivating them to be active and stay active.

“We know there are many women who have these skills and can make a difference in their local community. Coaching is about bringing people together to have fun and be active – whether you are leading a group run or developing a local hockey squad. There is also a social element to coaching and it can help your personal development.

“Sports coach UK is proud to be leading on the Reach campaign. With the support of our partners we will increase the number of women coaching in the UK at all levels of sport and physical activity. Advocating changes within our current coaching systems is vital if we are to provide more choice to every person – whether they are weekend bootcampers or elite

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