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Run England Group of the Year: Cumberland AC

September 26, 2016

Cumberland AC are a running club based in West Cumbria around the main towns of Workington, Whitehaven, Cockermouth and Maryport. 

This year they have won the title of Run England Group of the Year

Dave Heaton runs a Cumberland AC Learn to Run Group each January and this year he had 126 applicants. 94 runners turned up for the first session.  There were only 8 males and 86 females. The ages ranged from 15 to 64 with varying degrees of initial fitness. 95% had not run since school. 


They attended an eight week, free, progressive course and at the end 61 completed the 5k route without stopping. There were so many attendees that they had to be split into three packs with two leaders (LIRF or Coaches) in each. There was a presentation on the last session where the finishers all received medals and certificates and were invited to join the running club. 47 took up the offer and others have joined Cumberland AC since. 

They continue running throughout the year, with the club, in an intermediate group and an average of thirty runners attend regularly. This has boosted the club membership to 190 so far this year. Before this initiative was started, 5 years ago, Cumberland AC only had thirty members.  All the attendees have said what a well organised group it is and that they enjoyed the experience. Some have even progressed to the advance group and are completing 10k, 10 mile and half marathon races this year. 

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