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North West Cancer Survivorship Conference - Saturday 12th September

September 1, 2015

Paddlers for Life UK NW Cancer Survivorship freeConference & Optional Gala Dinner Saturday 12th September 2015 Low Wood Bay Hotel Windermere LA23 1LP

As a result of the generous support of a local organisation, Paddlers for Life UK are delighted to be able to provide a freeplace at the above conference. 

They remain in keeping with their tradition of providing freeplaces to attract as diverse an audience as possible. After all, they acknowledge the valuable time people so generously give, on a Saturday of all days, in order to attend.

The conference focuses on cancer survivorship and aims to support you,

  • General Practitioners
  • Physiotherapists
  • Practice Nurses
  • Lymphoedema Specialists
  • Cancer Rehabilitation Specialists
  • Student Health Care Practitioners
  • All members of health and care teams
  • Cancer Support Services
  • Cancer Survivors
  • Supporters

Book your freeplace today. 
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It is a unique opportunity to listen to a diverse group of highly esteemed and reputable national and local clinicians, researchers and policy makers; and visit the Lake District, home to Britain's finest scenery, greenest countryside and grandest views.

Aim of the day:

As the success of cancer survivorship conferences held further afield cannot always be shared throughout the NW region due to distance (London), expense (£370 +) and time constraints (1 day +), this conference serves as an important, regionally accessible opportunity.

It will bring together a diverse group of national and local clinicians, researchers, policy makers and service users from the UK to learn, to be challenged and to focus on some of the fundamental issues for survivors today - managing side effects of treatment, return to work, and what it means to live well after cancer.

Health care professionals will achieve a lasting understanding of how people living with and beyond cancer can make the best of their future.The conference aims to support you to develop effective cancer survivorship support and services for your patients.

Objectives of the day:

To focus on wellness and not just illness, maximising the 'quality of life'for those affected by cancer.

To foster partnerships between clinicians across health care settings, physically active communities and people affected by cancer in common pursuit ofeffective planning of care which promotes wellbeing

 To build a greater understanding of the eclectic nature of the physical, social and practical needs of cancer survivors in order to drive practice improvement

 To help to eliminate stigma, stereotyping, inequalities in care and access to opportunities

 To build patient self-care confidence and capacity and ensure survivors understand what is possible relating to physical activity, where and when to access opportunities with tailored support, information and advice.

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An Entertaining and Ambitious Weekend:

The Conference is the first part of an entertaining and ambitious weekend programme which also includes a gala dinner on Saturday evening and the 2nd. Dragon Boat Charity Regatta on Lake Windermere on Sunday 13th September.

Paddlers for Life UK is a charity formed to promote breast cancer survivor dragon boat paddling in the UK by developing a network of dragon boat teams.

Louisa Balderson and Sue Cogley are founder members of the Paddlers for Life Windermere breast cancer survivor dragon boat team which has paddled on Windermere since 2008. 

Sue and Louisa work tirelessly to promote cancer survivor dragon boat paddling. Through their UK charity they aim to widen access to the benefits of paddling by aiding the creation and development of new teams across the UK. 

Exercise promotes recovery after treatment for a cancer diagnosis. 
Research suggests regular exercise also may help prevent recurrence of cancer for people in remission.

Dragon boat paddling particularly includes upper body exercise which has been shown to reduce or limit lymphodema which may arise from surgery. 
Breast cancer surgery often includes removal of cancerous lymph nodes under the arm which normally drain the lymphatic system. 
This can lead to the build up of fluids in the tissues of the arms which leads to uncomfortable swelling and possibly tissue infection.

“The hardest time is after your cancer treatment finishes; that’s when what you face really begins to sink in”