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BA Exercise, Physical Activity & Health (Flexible and Distributed Learning) programme

January 20, 2015

This is a new flexible learning undergraduate programme at the University of Cumbria.

The programme has a range of option modules and focuses upon three core strands: individual health, community intervention and public health policy.

This programme bridges the domains of public health and sport with a focus on exercise, physical activity, health and wellbeing in which health as a contested concept in the context of exercise and physical activity is critiqued.

There are three distinct progressive and complementary strands in Public Health, Community Health, Individual Lifestyle Behaviour and Disease Prevention which complements the central focus and ethos around the concepts of health improvement, protection and services. An enhanced specialism in the area of public health is available through the accessing of key public health modules from within the Faculty of Health and Science

 A strong focus on individual population groups, inequalities, policy and health promotion reflects current health policy and strategies; leading to distinct employment opportunities in the health and fitness industry, clinical exercise settings and GP Referral, also public health and community health both in the public, private and academic sectors. The programme has a strong vocational focus providing opportunities for students to not just undertake vocational placements but to apply theory learnt through voluntary work and the running of physical activity initiatives and events taking advantages of strong industry connections.

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