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K JAM - Premier Freestyle Event takes place at Kendal Snowsports Club

July 17, 2015

K JAM as many people will remember was first run in 2006 and was a regular event on the British Snow Tour up until 2009.  After a five year gap it once again returned last year bigger and better than ever before after some keen volunteers at took over running the event at Kendal Snowsports Club.

K JAM is still part of the British snow tour. Like other freestyle jams, competitors get an hour on jumps and then an hour on the rails and other features on the slope. Judges score each competitor; taking the scores for the best 3 tricks of each competitor in the hour. After the second session the overall scores are collated for each person and it’s an average of those scores that place the riders. There is an air bag, and prizes are given to the best big air trick and of course the best wipe out.

Also because all of the entrants have done well at different times during the sessions, spot prizes are given out throughout the day, when the judges see someone finally pull something special off or reward someone performing consistently well.

The finals show the best riders over 3 runs who will then be scored for those runs to determine the top spots. With much discussion around the impact of the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi on UK snowsports, and what has been termed the ‘Sochi Effect’ standards have risen and there was some truly memorable riding.

With 70 Spots available split between skiers and boarders, It also means that K JAM is the place to be seen!

The results produced some promising outcomes with the Rowland sisters appearing in the U12 and U16 categories in skiing. Lexi Rowland was 3rd in the u12’s and Madi Rowland taking the top step on the podium in the u16’s. But the stand out female skier was Kirsty Muir 1st in the u12 category but performing to a very high level, beyond her years, she’s definitely one to watch.

In a very close competition Harry Shaw was 1st in the 16+ with Ben Baker taking 2nd 16+ with both doing some amazing tricks. Justin Taylor Tipton showed his class in the hotly contested u16’s category with a very confident win.

In the snowboarding there was steep competition in most categories. In the 16+ category Joe Buckley took 1st place, Rory Ewart 2nd and U18’s British board cross champion Bradley Gaulter was 3rd  

The overall winners included Brad Rowell 1st overall u16’s. Brad was streets ahead of the competition, followed by Jordan Rose in 2nd, only 5 points ahead of Scotty Walsh.

In the women’s riding Vaila Chapman showed her ability in coming 2nd in the 16+ but managed score big in the final to win the 16+ category overall, closely followed by Cerys Allen u16 and Gillian Finnerty 3rd.

There were some serious prizes up for grabs, Salamon skis, whitedot skis, Striding Edge board, a custom built surf board, Surfanatic travel bags and many more.

Olympic half pipe skier Emma Lonsdale was on hand to help present all the winners with their medals and prizes.

K JAM hopes to build on the success of the last 2 K JAM events and is looking for long term sponsors, Judges and is also looking to building up funds to offer more lucrative prizes in the future. 

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2015 K Jam Results

Men SKI    16+

1 Harry Shaw

2 Ben Baker

3 Peter Thompson

Men Ski  U 16

1 Justin Taylor Tipton

2  Tom Greenway

3 Arthur Holmes

Men Ski  U 12

1 Bradley Fry

2 Sam Annis

3 Sam Westgate

Ladies Ski U 16

1 Madi Rowlands

2 Thea Fenwick

Ladies Ski U 12

1 Kirsty Muir

2 Emily Keen

3 Lexi Rowlands

Men Snowboard  16 +

1 Joe Buckley

2 Rory Ewart

3 Bradley Gaulter

Men Snowboard U16

1 Brad Rowell

2 Scott Walsh

3 Jordan Rose

Men Snowboard U12

1 Lewis Hopkinson

2 Oliver Cresswell

3 Christopher Harrison


Women Snowboard 16+

1 Gillian Finnerty

2 Vaila Chapman

3 Anna Beswick

Ladies Snowboard U16

1 Cerys Allen

2 Bradie Zimmer- Colins

3 Erin Dormer

Ladies Snowboard U12

1 Nicole Haines

2 Anya Allen

Overall Ski Results Men

1 Justin Taylor- Tipton U16 405 Points

2 Harry Shaw 16+ 346 Points

3 Ben Baker 16+ 337 Points

Overall Ski Results Women

1 Thea Fenwick U16 255 Points

2 Madi Rowlands U16 250 Points

3 Kirsty Muir U12 236 Points

Overall Snowboard Men

1 Brad Rowell U16 415 Points

2 Jordan Rose 370 Points

3 Scott Walsh 365 Points

Overall Snowboard Women

1 Vaila Chapman 16+ 318 Points

2 Cerys Allen U16   313 Points

3 Gillian Finnerty 16+ 276 Points

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