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It's our game, not yours

September 14, 2015

Promoting positive parental behaviour in sport

Parents play an essential part in encouraging and supporting their child's participation in their chosen sport. However, many sports organistions and clubs have struggled to address the problem of poor parental/spectator behaviour in junior sport.

The development of the 'It's our game, not yours' toolkit was in consultation with young people and others in sport to assist coaches, clubs and organisations in preventing, reducing or managing this very real problem.

Here you will find a range of template materials designed to be used in the course of presentations, workshops or in other training or learning events. These materials can also be used to develop information leaflets, guidance, posters or information for websites.

Using the toolkit

  • The materials (except the videos) have been designed to enable clubs or organisations to adapt and amend as appropriate (e.g. addition of sports logo, images, sport-specific issue emphasis etc) depending on the nature of the event, the audience, the sport or club context.
  • The videos should not be amended in any way.
  • The key messages are:
    • the positive contributions parents can make to their children’s experiences in sport
    • the impact of poor parental behaviour on their own and other children and young people
    • there are steps that clubs and organisations can take to prevent, minimise or respond to these behaviours.
  • We would strongly recommend that individuals presenting this material have a demonstrable understanding of safeguarding principles and a commitment to a child-focused approach. Young people may have a role to play in presenting or co-presenting these materials.
  • Ideally the person with designated safeguarding responsibility for the organisation, county or club should be involved in the presentation the information.
  • Consideration should be given beforehand about how any reports, allegations or issues arising from the presentation will be managed >>More