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Outdoor Activity Report Findings

June 19, 2015

Getting Active Outdoors: A Study of Demography, Motivation, Participation and Provision in Outdoor Sport and Recreation in England.

The report was commissioned by Sport England and produced in partnership with the Outdoor Industries Association. It examines the demand and supply of outdoor provision and takes an in-depth look at the profile of the outdoor consumer.

We are keen to share this comprehensive report with those at the forefront of delivery in this market to get more people active in the outdoors across England.

The insight was launched on 9 June 2015 and the report is now available to download from the documents section below along with a summary brochure.

The report, “Getting Active Outdoors: A study of demography, motivation, participation and provision in outdoor sport and recreation in England”, examines the demand and supply of the outdoor activity market. With over 9,000 providers serving nine million people currently active in the outdoors sector – a three per cent increase compared to the previous year – the in-depth findings reveal the motivations behind those who are active outdoors and where growth may come from in future >>More