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Community Healthy Weight Pilot Grants

January 20, 2015

Community Healthy Weight Pilot Grants

Grants for this Cumbria County Council pilot fund are for between £500 and £3000 and will be awarded to community based projects and initiatives that will support the healthy weight agenda these include interventions/projects that aim to:

• Increase physical activity • Encourage/educate people to eat a healthy diet • Improves access to healthy food • Supports individuals that are overweight and obese to lose weight • Build knowledge skills and capacity in the local community • Fulfil the community needs

It’s preferable that projects are new activities, an extension or development of an existing project, or reaching a new audience. Cumbria County Council is not looking at continuation funding of current projects.

Applicants will need to complete the Cumbria County Council’s community grant application form alongside the healthy weight project plan which can be found on the following website