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Active Cumbria launches campaign to secure additional support for Cumbria’s talented athletes

September 1, 2015

Active Cumbria, today launched a new campaign to increase support for Cumbria’s most talented amateur athletes. The campaign aims to raise awareness and finance for the Cumbria Talented Athlete Fund, which will provide much needed financial support to many of the counties most talented sports performers.

Richard Johnston, Senior Manager (Operations) said, “We have joined forces with international crowd funding organisation Global Giving to create our campaign, which will run for a two-week period up to 15th September. During this time we will be communicating far and wide on how individuals and organisations can support Cumbria’s talented athletes with much needed financial support. We all know that the cost of competing at regional, national, and international levels in sport is extremely high, and this presents a great way for local organisations to be part of making our athlete’s dreams a reality.

We want local organisations large and small to get involved in the campaign and really feel part of the journey these athletes are taking, we already have a number of athletes who are in line to be in Rio next year for the Olympic Games, and through this fund we are trying to ensure that we have a few more in Tokyo in 2020.”

The fund, which last year supported around 90 athletes from across Cumbria, is seeking to increase the funding available to provide more grants to more individuals towards training and competition costs.

Lee Doran, a Cumbria Talented Athlete Fund award recipient in 2015 said, “

‘Thank you to Active Cumbria for awarding me with the Talented Athlete Gold Award. The award will help purchase a new javelin so my main focus can be on the season ahead.

'It is schemes like this that help us athletes succeed at the highest level! This award will now allow me to purchase a new competition javelin. I am very grateful of this award and looking forward to the season ahead.'

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