This Girl Can

In 2015 This Girl Can changed the game! 2.9 million phenomenal women were inspired to get active in all their sweaty, jiggly glory. Everyday women with relatable bodies gave judgement the finger and got moving in ways that worked for them.

But despite this progress, there is still more to do. Research shows that the pandemic and cost-of-living crisis have had a disproportionate impact on women. Meaning they have less to spend on weekly budgets and less time to spend on themselves. As a result, their activity levels have fallen and show little sign of recovery. So how can we make a change? 2.4 million fewer women than men strongly agree that they enjoy getting active. We call this the enjoyment gap. And it’s up to all of us to close it.

The enjoyment gap is not inevitable and is completely fixable by challenging the practical and structural obstacles that make activity feel less welcoming for women. Focusing on making activity more safe, social, self-affirming and suitable for women. With you, we will reshape women’s experiences to welcome all women with open arms. With you, we will challenge one another to act on women’s needs. With you, we will change so that no woman is left behind. With you, we can make a real difference to how women experience activity.

With you, This Girl Can.

Want to find an activity?

This Girl Can is all about doing it your way, that may not be through a conventional activity - it might be cycling to work, literally running the school run, or getting muddy with your pooch in the park, but we want more women to find what’s right for them. If there is an activity you'd like to try, check our Activity Search on our home page.  More 

Or find ways to Get Active with This Girl Can. More

Calling all Clubs and Organisations delivering activity:

  • Add your club/activity to our activity finder More 
  • Become a supporter of This Girl Can to access a range of This Girl Can resources.  Registration and resources are free More
  • Tell us at Active Cumbria about your club, group or sessions that are inspiring women across our county,  This Girl Can - with you! More
  • Case Studies - Please send in any case studies of women you think exemplify the This Girl Can attitude that Sport England and This Girl Can could potentially include on the website. They are especially interested in case studies of women from lower income backgrounds, BAME women and teenagers or examples of women who get active in unconventional ways and/or have managed to fit activity into their busy lives.
  • Apply for funding to deliver activity in line with the This Girl Can ethos via Sport England Small Grants