Early Years Physical Activity Guidelines

How physically active should our babies and young children be?

Babies under 1 year should....

  • Be encouraged to be physically active throughout the day, every day including crawling.
  • Not yet crawling encourage them to be physically active through reaching and grasping, pushing and pulling, moving their head, body and limbs.  
  • Dont forget about the importance of 30 minutes of 'tummy time' when they're awake, spread throughout the day.

Toddlers (aged 1-2) should....

  • Be physically active throughout the day, every day for at least 180 minutes (3 hours).
  • 180 minutes can include both light activity such as playing through to more energetic activities such as running and jumping.
  • Remember active play and outdoors play too - all good ways to get toddlers moving.

Pre-schoolers (aged 3-4) should....

  • Be as physically active as toddlers but in addition make sure that 60 minutes of the recommended total 180 minutes is spent doing moderate and vigorous physical activity.