Active Start in the Outdoors


Active Start in the Outdoors is the latest addition to the Active Start programme.

Aimed at those working within the early years, our latest resource supports delivery of the early years foundation stage curriculum through a series of activities underpinned by outdoor learning.


Why is outdoor learning important?

The Outdoor Learning environment provides so many opportunities for children to develop and thrive. Access to nature brings about an abundance of benefits both physically, emotionally, and socially. Here are just a few:

Physical Development

  • Active outdoors play helps children develop their gross motor skills
  • Builds strong muscles and bones
  • Helps children to develop a strong vestibular sense

Emotional Development

  • Explore and challenge themselves through physical activities
  • Learn to take risks due to the unpredictable nature of the outdoors
  • Overcome fears which in turn builds confidence
  • Provides multi-sensory experiences, engaging all of the senses

Social Development

  • Being outdoors supports cooperation encouraging children to share, take turns, and use their imagination
  • Connecting with nature and building greater understanding of what exists around them

Go Outdoors .....

Take the children outdoors and try out one of our new Active Start activities below.