Active Start for Families

What is Active Start?

Active Start is a programme to help you to connect with and support your child through play and movement. Discover new activities to try indoors and outdoors as a family, and find out about active play and how to support your child to be happy, ready to learn and active as they grow.

Active Start is being rolled out to early years settings across Allerdale and Copeland, funded by the Sellafield Social Impact Fund. The programme will also shortly be coming to Barrow, South Lakeland and Carlisle.  Ask your nursery if Active Start will be happening in your setting.

How to move?

Get involved in ‘Active Play’ right from the start – encourage your baby to move and practice reaching, grasping, pulling and pushing whilst moving their bodies on a daily basis. As they grow and develop, support them to use their own bodies to crawl, walk, run, jump and climb.

Just as important is to limit the amount of time babies and young children are sedentary as sitting or lying still for long periods of time can be harmful as it may lead to health problems later on.

Get involved ...

Try out one of our Active Start activities below and remember practice is key when supporting your child to develop their physical abilities. 


Movement for the Under 2's

If you're looking for ideas, inspiration, and support to help your little ones on their movement journey then why not take a look at our booklets below:

What if Active Start isn't taking place in your nursery?

Then why not take a look at some of the resources and links below to help give your child the best Active Start possible.