Active Travel

Active travel refers to modes of travel that involve a level of activity.

The term is often used interchangeably with walking and cycling, but active travel can also include trips made by wheelchair, mobility scooters, adapted cycles, e-cycles and scooters.

The Benefits Of Active Travel

As well as the benefits to health and wellbeing, choosing to travel actively such as walking, wheeling and cycling can decrease congestion, air and noise pollution, and has economic benefits too. Encouraging a mode shift to walking, wheeling and cycling is one of the most cost-effective ways of reducing transport emissions.

Active Travel to School 

Active Cumbria's programme which supports active and sustainable travel approaches for children, parents and carers across the county.  A number of programmes are available to support schools to embed physical activity such as walking, scooting or cycling as part of the journey to and from school.

Travel Actively 

A three year pilot programme funded by Department for Transport.  Travel Actively aims to provide a wide range of cycling and walking interventions to help attract people into new ways of travelling actively on everyday journeys in Barrow and Carlisle.

Street Tag 

The go-to App for fun and getting everyone in Cumbria physically active.

Street Tag is a free mobile app that incentivises you and your team to be physically active every day.  Points are gained by actively travelling to and from places, in addition to scanning virtual tags that have been scattered throughout your local area.  Interested in creating a team?