About Us

Active Cumbria, is the active partnership for Cumbria. We are hosted by Cumberland Council and are one of 42 Active Partnerships in England. 

Active Cumbria works in partnership with a wide range of organisations with a shared vision of increasing participation in physical activity and sport across Cumbria.

Our 5 Year Plan provides us with a framework which helps inform our decision making around effort and investment, and has been developed in partnership with our Advisory Board and wider sector partners to reflect the key challenges that increased levels of physical activity can contribute and support to improve the health and wellbeing of our communities.

Tackling inequalities in participation in sport and physical activity is at the heart of the Plan, and aligns with the ambitions of Sport England’s 10 Year Strategy ‘Uniting the Movement’ which can be viewed here

Active Cumbria is governed by an independent Advisory Board, made up of highly skilled individuals from a range of backgrounds. The Board operates under an agreed Terms of Reference, and provides strategic leadership to the organisation and to the Core Team of professionals, who provide the co-ordination and structures which allow individuals and organisations to work together more effectively.

We are also aware that our ways of working, and decisions can impact upon the environment. As an organisation we are committed to ways of working which reduce our carbon footprint, such as doing more meetings on-line, or car sharing where we can. We will also make deliberate changes to how we deliver our services, such as not using single use plastic at our events. Although these changes on their own appear small, we are committed to promoting these internally and externally to our network of partners across Cumbria and beyond.

As an organisation we take our environmental responsibility seriously, and have identified a themed lead from our Advisory Board, and Core Team to ensure this issue is at the forefront of our decision making.