Swimming is an excellent form of exercise as it gives a full-body workout.

Because the density of the human body is very similar to that of water, the body is supported by the water meaning less stress is placed on joints and bones. Therefore, swimming is frequently used as an exercise in rehabilitation after injuries and is suitable for all ages.

With the right swimming aides people of all abilities can enjoy swimming. For more information on swimming lessons, contact your local leisure centre or swimming pool.

 School Swimathon are setting a challenge for pupils up and down the country to develop their swimming ability and swim further than they have ever swum before.

Swimfit - The alternative way to work out in a pool

Swimfit Gym is a high impact, high calorie-burning, circuit style exercise programme for the pool.

Aimed at those looking for new and exciting ways to get fit in the water, the Swimfit Gym cards combine lane swimming with popular gym-style exercises to create a natural bridge between the gym and the pool.

Designed to complement existing group led Swimfit Activate+ sessions, the innovative activity cards target specific areas of the body and allow users to tailor their sessions to their individual fitness goals. The gym inspired movements are simple yet effective, with a clear description on the front of the card and a supporting visual sketch on the reverse.

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The ASA Insight team have now created a research Library which allows access to the range of information, research and insight across a wide range of aquatic subjects >>more

Swimming in your area

There are 79 opportunities listed on the Physical Activity Directory. To view local opportunities please select your local area.

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