Racketball is the UK’s fastest growing sport! It is played on any regular squash court and is similar to squash. In racketball a larger ball, which does not need warming up like in squash, and a shorter racket are used, as shown below.

The fact that the ball is bigger, more bouncy and does not need warming up means that the rallies last longer, as the ball moves slower giving the opponent more time to react and get to the ball. The shorter racket also helps with hand eye coordination making the ball easier to strike. Overall this makes the game much easier to pick up than many other sports like squash or tennis.

England Squash

England Squash & Racketball have rebranded to England Squash in a bid to be more representative of its membership and drive new fans to the game. The rebrand heralds a new era for England Squash and repositions the sports to inspire new audiences and reinvigorate current players. Although the racketball name will not be part of the organisation’s new name, the sport will very much continue to be promoted, supported and developed by England Squash. Connecting driving and adventurous define the rebrand with a new visual identity effective immediately.

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Angela Cwaczko
NW Area Manager,
England Squash & Racketball
M: 07827 237 487


Kevin Stewart
NW Area Administrator,
England Squash & Racketball
T:0161 438 4307


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