100 Mile Challenge

The 100 Mile Challenge provided by Active Cumbria is part of New Balance’s Global Sparkstart initiative, which seeks to inspire millions of children around the world to discover the massive benefits that can be derived from regular physical activity, and we in Cumbria are at the forefront of that campaign! We are committed to ensuring that through involvement in the 100 Mile Challenge, young people significantly contribute to the recommended levels of being active for at least 60 minutes each day.


The challenge to schools

The challenge is simple, each participating school will be encouraged to get as many children as possible to complete and record 100 miles by any means of physical activity (walk, push, jog, run, cycle, swim etc) If there are children that wish to do more miles, that’s great, the more the merrier!

Each school gets a SparkStart Pack containing:

  • A short ‘Before’ and ‘After’ questionnaire postcard for pupils to complete; to help us evaluate the difference the programme has made.
  • Stickers and Certificates for key milestones (5, 10, 25, 50, 75 & 100 miles)
  • Start and finish signage to help work out your minutes into miles; Record Card for participants so they can do the challenge in and out of school;
  • A Wall Chart for each class to keep an on-going record of miles undertaken; children can see their class progression, this information will be taken from the individual record card
  • A New Balance t-shirt for the teacher who is leading the project in each school.

A link to an online survey monkey will ask each school to supply:

  •  Total numbers of young people engaged 
  •  Total number of miles per term 
  •  Individual with highest number of miles per term

The Impact

Active Cumbria will also be sharing the innovative ways in which the schools are engaging the students in the challenge and how this is influencing other aspects of school life.

This good practise will be shared though Cumbria School Sport Networks encouraging more schools to come forward and get involved. We believe this is an excellent project in which schools are supported to engage less active children in physical activity and by making this fun, this will ensure the pupils go on to lead healthy active lifestyles

Liam Burns, Business Development Manager for New Balance, said: “We are proud to be inspiring young people to be more physically active by taking part in the New Balance 100 Mile Challenge as part of the Sparkstart programme. We are pleased to form the partnership with Active Cumbria and Cumbria County Council to help us achieve our goals”.

In reply Richard Johnston, Senior Manager for Active Cumbria commented: “It is critical that we introduce and embed 'active habits' amongst children in their formative years. We are delighted to see the commitment of New Balance and local schools to get children active in a fun and engaging manner”.


The Challenge is now closed for this academic year.

There is a small charge for schools  for the resources, this can be paid out of PSSP funding. The cost is as little as £1.40 per child

If your school is interested in the 100 Mile Challenge from September 2017, please complete the form below:



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