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What is Goalball?

June 12, 2013

Goalball is an exciting, indoor, 3-aside team sport, of attack and defend - with a unique twist!

The sport was originally devised in 1946 to help rehabilitate soldiers who had lost their sight during the war. It has been played throughout the world ever since, at the highest level, by people who are blind or partially sighted.

However, goalball is a truly inclusive sport in that fully sighted players can also play domestically. This is because everybody is required to wear eye shades so that nobody can see. Players therefore have to rely entirely on their other senses.

The ball contains internal bells so players are able to track its movement by its sound, whilst the court is marked out with tactile lines so players can feel where they are. The idea of the game is quite simply to score goals by bowling the ball along the floor, past the opposing team. 

Goalball UK together with us here at Sight Advice are holding an initial ‘have a go’ session for anyone to attend – visually impaired or sighted, young or old, male or female, new or experienced. Come along to learn all about this exciting Paralympic Sport!

Date:       Saturday 29th June 2013       

Venue:     Kendal Leisure Centre

Time:       Session 1: 10.30am to 12:30pm or

Session 2: 1:30pm to 3:30pm

Donations accepted on the day.

To register your interest please contact Jan Quinn (Project Coordinator for Children and Young People).

Tel. 01539 742633