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Sport England create One-stop shop for community clubs

April 22, 2013

Sport England are creating a one-stop online shop to support clubs. The new website, which launches in May, will feature pages specifically for clubs which in time will bring together all of Sport England's online support including Clubmark, Club Leaders, advice on sustainability and new tools which will help clubs identify their priorities and lead them to how Sport England can best help them. They are committed to ensuring that clubs get information and support tailored to their needs so online resources will be supplemented with webinars and seminars and intensive personal support from mentors will be available.

In practical terms this means streamlining all the contracts Sport England have for club support. In the next few weeks they will begin the procurement of a single contract which we expect to award by the end of 2013. In the interim KKP will manage Clubmark, continuing to implement the new Clubmark branding and adult Clubmark format. PwC will continue to deliver Club Leaders until its contract ends in March 2014 and this work will be phased into the new single contract.

Watch this space for more information.

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