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Sandgate Hydrotherapy Pool gets funding injection

March 21, 2013

Kendal's Sandgate Hydrotherapy Pool has been given a funding boost from county councillors in South Lakeland.

The pool is maintained and managed by Cumbria County Council and is supported through a partnership with the Sandgate Pool Trustees.

The pool's boiler is in need of an upgrade which is expected to cost more than £40,000 – but nearly half has now been committed to the pot from surpluses from the council's Sandgate Hydrotherapy Pool budget.

Catering for up to 500 disabled children and adults a week in South Lakeland, the facility provides the therapeutic heated pool which is used for exercises, rehabilitation, social interaction, enjoyment and relaxation.

The South Lakeland Hydrotherapy Trust recently invested £190,000 in the redevelopment of the facilities to give the pool a new lease of life by making it more accessible and user-friendly.

Sue Andrews from the South Lakeland Hydrotherapy Pool Trust, said: "We're delighted for the support of the councillors and for this initial boost to the funding of the boilers."

Cllr Geoff Cook, chairman of Cumbria County Council's South Lakeland Local Committee, said: “We've got a long-standing commitment to the hydrotherapy pool and through their own excellent operational management there is a surplus in their budget, which we manage, so putting this towards something so important was quite a simple decision.

"It's a tremendous community asset that we're proud to support."