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Olympic challenge for young Cumbrian snapper

August 3, 2012

Olympic challenge for young Cumbrian snapper


A young Cumbrian photographer will be snapping the world’s greatest sporting spectacle when she heads to the Olympics next week.

Abbey Jamieson-Brown, 21, from Workington, has been chosen to take part in Wembley to Soweto and Back – an Olympic photography project challenging young people to capture defining images of the Games.

Abbey was selected for this once in a lifetime opportunity to photograph an Olympics on home turf after taking part in the Wembley to Soweto to Cumbria course.

The course, which took place in May, saw eight young Cumbrians aged between 16 and 20 - who are not in full time education, training or employment - get a two-week master-class in photography from renowned photographer John Cole.

Cumbria County Council led on the Wembley to Soweto initiative in Cumbria in partnership with Wilton Pictures’ national Wembley to Soweto project and other organisations including Inspira.

During the course the photographers snapped a variety of activities, scenarios and landscapes around Cumbria including a fashion show, wheelchair basketball and an auction mart.

Now after proving her abilities behind the lens in Cumbria, Abbey is getting the opportunity to be part of the Olympic experience and will be spending several days in London in and around the Olympic Park.

She’ll be joining a group of London-based young people and other young photographers from around the UK who’ve also completed the Wembley to Soweto photography course in their areas.

They’ll be tasked with capturing a variety of Olympic-related activities including supporters in the Olympic Park and possibly even athletes in action.

The images they capture will be going on display at a London studio for two weeks from 23 August.

Abbey said: “Going to the Olympics is an amazing opportunity and I’m just really looking forward to being part of it.

“Taking photos at an event that’s being watched by billions of people around the world is very exciting and I’m hoping to really put what I’ve learned about photography so far to the test.

“The Wembley to Soweto course in Cumbria was great and has made me realise that photography is something I’d like to do as a career.”

Wembley to Soweto in Cumbria was part of Cumbria’s wider three-year Celebrating Youth programme - a county-wide initiative aimed at promoting activities for children and young people and recognising the contribution they make to the county’s communities.

For more information about the national Wembley to Soweto project visit