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Local Youth Banks looking for groups of young people to apply for funding

October 12, 2012

Cumbria Youth Alliance will be hosting and supporting Allerdale Youth Bank for a short period of time to enable the young people who run the project to set up an enterprise but in the meantime Cumbria Youth Alliance are really keen to receive applications from groups working with children and young people in Allerdale and are encouraging groups of young people to get together and apply for funding – application forms can still be downloaded from the Cumbria Community Foundation along with the guidelines which must be read so that young people understand what they can apply for.

Go onto the Cumbria Community Foundation website and download applications – groups of young people can apply for up to £500 for something they would like to do – an  sports trip, a piece of  sports equipment, a  sports course they want to undertake, sports they want to try out, a  coach/ trainer they wish to bring in for a special piece of work, a  leadership  workshop so they can do  sport  in the community – the possibilities are endless – if in doubt ring and they can assist you in making the application – maximum funding is £500 per application

Come on get these applications coming in! If you apply now you can expect a decision before Xmas

It’s a simple application and definitely worth trying Click here for more at Allerdale or Carlisle

If you would like to know more about
this fund please contact:
Ellen Clements
Tel:01900 822110