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Is Your Family Bored With The Same Old Walks?

January 23, 2014

Outdoor Adventure Sport Is On The Look Out For Families Who Want To Get More Active This New Year In the Cumbrian Outdoors

2014 is the year when no-one has to be bored with their same old walks. Border Liners, the Orienteering Club for Carlisle and Penrith covering the North East of Cumbria have developed a number of new ‘Come Try It’ events for 2014 starting on the 8th February to attract families who are keen to get out and active together. The new Orienteering events take part all over NE Cumbria and will let families participate together in a sport that exercises the mind as well as the physical aspects of navigating the Cumbrian countryside. David Rawle from The Border Liners Orienteering Club said:

“This is the time of year when families really think about how much physical activity they do and make plans to do more in the year ahead.

The events we have developed really want to make more people including families aware that Orienteering is an adventure sport where everyone can take part at all levels of ability and age. It really is a fun way of enjoying the Cumbrian Countryside while taking a step out of your comfort zone. Putting your think caps on and giving yourself a challenge whilst getting active.

We look forward to seeing you on the hills, the woods, the dunes or the streets of Cumbria in 2014. ”

The events are run monthly on Saturdays from 11am – 12 noon in the following locations:

8th February Fingland Rigg, Kirkbampton
26th April Hallin Fell, Ullswater
21st June Talkin Tarn, Brampton
19th July Gelt Woods East, Brampton
13th September Aughertree, Caldbeck
1st November Swindale, Shap
6th December Lowry Hill, (Urban Event) Carlisle

To find out more visit Border Liners Website at

The club events form part of a wider orienteering programme promoted by Border Liners throughout North Cumbria. These events are aimed at families and newcomers to the sport of orienteering, but regular competitors will also find the club events include a more challenging course to test their skills.

Orienteering is a sport which combines physical activity with the mental challenge of navigating between checkpoints using a detailed map which you are given at the start. A compass is useful but not essential for the easy courses. Top level orienteers compete using fast navigational and decision-making skills combined with fitness and stamina, but don't worry, especially if you are a beginner or have a young family with you - walking is allowed! A course is negotiated via a series of checkpoints or 'controls' and usually this has to be done in a specified order. Each numbered control is identified by an orange and white marker flag alongside a small electronic timing box into which competitors insert an electronic timing chip to record their time. 

At any of the club events, Border Liners members will be pleased to offer help and advice to get newcomers started. For 2014, club events will include some easy beginner’s courses to help the sport's youngest competitors grasp the concept of moving from point to point using a map.

Beware though; the sport can become addictive!!  #GetFitIn2014